Our team scaled the Bronx Music Hall’s visual identity across interactive installations and social media. We wanted to celebrate the wild, eclectic, and energetic history of the Bronx in a venue that will host musical performances, community events, and educational programming.

From Mambo to Jazz to Hip Hop, musical innovation has always been a fundamental part of Bronx culture. Inspired by that heritage, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which has been a community anchor of the Bronx for over 25 years, is creating the Bronx Music Hall, a venue that will honor the unique cultural mixture the Bronx represents.

—Multimedia Content and Collateral
—Social Media Content
—Experience Design
—Interactive Installations
—Exhibition Design

Creative Leadership

Jake Barton & Elvira Barriga


Pearlyn Lii

Danny Well

Anthony Roy

Theo Pinto & Nima Vakili (Physical)

Completed at Local Projects


Inspired by movement and rhythm, the team created a continuous digital ribbon that hangs throughout the foyer. While a concert is in session, live lyrics set in the visual identity’s bespoke typeface run across it.

Behind certain curves of the continuous lyric ribbon are period clips of the Bronx, so that visitors can peek underneath to experience the evolution of Bronx culture.

The team designed Stretch-It Photo Booth, where visitors can bust out their moves in front of a tracking camera and have their image playfully stretched.

Once a visitor has their moves captured, they can send their output to be shared on social media as #BMHmoves. Every move captured throughout the day on the Stretch-It Photo Booth is projected onto the main hallway of the Music Hall, showcasing one visitor’s image after another.