I modified a sound-reactive drawbot that queues between drawing custom typography and portraits of Eno from the ’60s. The drawbot continues drawing his portraits while picking up ambient sounds that vary its line quality. Each visitor is presented with a unique scribbled sheet that they can use it as a dust jacket for a book about Brian Eno’s life we designed, which was also available for purchase at the exhibition.

Although Eno is best known for being a musician and a producer, he is much more—The Guardian describes him as an “obstinate rebel, techno-prophet, sensual philosopher,” amongst other facets. This experience aims to highlight the multitude of identities worn by Eno.

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The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) Honor Award, 1st Place 2016

Jury Comments

Developing such a cohesive experience spanning multiple mediums is done perfectly here. Each component ties in to the initial concept beautifully. The sound-reactive drawbot and triptych posters inspired by Brian Eno’s innovation in the field of ambient music and composition is brilliant.

I love this project. It's irreverent and experimental and beautifully illustrates generative art and sound with both humor and discomfort.


The sound-reactive drawbot draws Eno’s portraits, producing unique dust jackets for each visitor to cover the book designed for the exhibition.


The interactive poster series for the experience plays with the duality between Eno as a deity in the eyes of fans, contrasted by Eno’s internal conflict with his own religion.

State A

State A—When a visitor walks past, particles form into ‘ENO’

State B

State B—When another visitor walks past, particles reform to ‘ONE’

Special thanks to
Brad Bartlett & Polargraph