Featured in the Young Blood Pop-Up Show in Chinatown, Los Angeles & in Advocate Magazine, Born of Foam is a series about a woman born from seafoam who is discovering Earth for the first time. A neo-Aphrodite, she notices how light dances with her like moonlight does with ocean tides.

She envisioned Earth to be formed of water, its people forged with dreams, yet injected with naïveté. She fantasized of cheeks flushed scarlet, foreign yet familiar feelings rushing forth as she would emerge, spine fetally arched—and that in such a moment as this, she would finally and viscerally understand what it meant to grace a new world.

Spine unfurling, speckles of black sand dripping from silvery strands, down silky arms, unearthed from delicate fingernails, settling gracefully back into the glistening sea; now trembling, now surging, she takes full form.

She roots pale toes in obsidian Earth for the first time, fingers running vacantly along jagged textures unfamiliar to her soul—this place was not what she expected. Uneasy, her old, otherworldly habit reemerges: she retreats to a nook, defensively waning to crescent form. Then, an odd reaction: inexplicable glimmers from skin to sky. Light begins to study her. She studies it back with equal and utter curiosity: dancing with it, letting it penetrate her being until exhaustion. Light, she finds, gives her more agency than water ever could.

Flora and fauna wither and bloom in rhythmic churning about her step, for they certainly know: She is vivid, brilliant as the light that she dances with. She is the ebb and flow of Atlantic tides.

She is life from foam.

Made in Collaboration with
Juliana Johnson

Images made in Iceland